Vaccines and autism: The link that doesn’t exist

After carefully reading this article on autism and vaccinations, it seems though this just another way to cover up the truth about the underlying cause of autism spectrum syndrome (ASD). There are thousands of parents throughout the United States and internationally that would “beg the differ” and argue that vaccinations are linked to this developmental disorder which 1 of 58 individuals are diagnosed with this disability.

If there are parents out there that had their child vaccinated between 18-24 months, suddenly sickness came, such as high-fevers, disorientation, fixated on certain objects, speech slowed down, loss of expressive language, poor hand and eye coordination, and other cognitive deficits, then please respond.

As a parent of a 18-year old son with autism, it was apparent he had a reaction a day after his scheduled 18-month vaccinations.  Truth needs to be disclosed, the CDC and the FDA needs to uncover their lies, not watch increase sales but decrease cases of autism.

Cheryl L. Hurley, Eds.S, Author

Mental Health @ Home

teddy bear with a syringe and vial

Chances are, you’ve heard the idea that vaccines can cause autism.  This notion is championed by various organizations and individuals, one of the most prominent being actress Jenny McCarthy, whose son was diagnosed with autism at age 2.  She has an autism-related organization called Generation Rescue, and on its website is a guide to vaccine safety.  I was a bit surprised by how relatively toned down it was, but I got  more along the lines of what I expected with one of the places it directed people to go to for more information, the National Vaccine Information Center.  It includes a “cry for vaccine freedom wall” and a “vaccine victim memorial”.  They have a MedAlerts database of people’s reported adverse reactions to vaccines, and a search for autism spectrum disorder yields 391 case reports.  One thing that struck me as interesting was the seemingly random grab bag of multiple…

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Author: Special Education, Behavioral Modification and Technological Assistance in the Educational System

I am currently working on a doctorate degree in leadership & curriculum, and a minor in special education. My interest is on the topic of autism, such as the underlying causes, behavioral instruction and management, ABA therapy, and classroom instruction and effective teaching methods in today's public school system, and other educational facilities or institutions. Since, we live in the 21st century, the use of technological assistance for students with special needs is utterly important in today's technological age, that helps support their academic goals and social skills. Technological assistance will be explored, studied, and applied in today's classroom instruction and effective teaching tools and methods.

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