Senseless, Useless, and Unnecessary Testing: Just Plain a Waste of Time

The genetics of autism. The complexities run deep – that’s why researchers are digging deeper. A gigantic effort is underway across the country and right here in Chicago — one that will yield big data and perhaps a better understanding of the disorder. Holly Lechniak, SPARK study coordinator at Rush: “I’m gonna tickle your cheek, and I’m gonna gather all the saliva on both sides and put it right in here.” That’s one swab out of the 50,000 researchers hope […]

Feedback on Article:

My question to this article, since genetic testing was conducted by the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) by the Autism Family Study website at My son and I participated in a genetic testing that would determine whether or not there was a link between him and I, and guess what it was non-inclusive. We are not any closer to finding any cause(s) of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when the genetic testing was conducted at the University of Washington, more than 14 years ago. My son just turned 18 this year (2018). The testing at that time was a 5-year study, yet no cause of autism has been discovered, only more theories which are unproven.

More Funding from the Federal Government Needed:

There is much speculation that vaccinations may play a huge role in the cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) a delay developmental disability disorder that impairs a child cognitively, such as learning delays (LDs), cognitive deficits, lack of social and academic skills which many children are placed in special education programs. Autism also causes behavioral issues, such as responding to visual and verbal cues, commands, and request. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the only scientific method for decreasing unwanted behaviors in children diagnosed with this type of delay developmental disability disorder according to Autism Speaks at


Until we find a underlying cause of autism, the only way to help support children with autism is special education services, family support services, ABA, speech and occupational therapy, and life-skills, so children could live much more of a happy, fulfilled and successful life.



via Chicago at forefront of autism research with genetic sample gathering — WGN-TV