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Autism: a possible link to immunizations. Why are there so many parents that have shared the same story of how their child or children that received their 18-month vaccinations suddenly experienced high-fevers, stopped communicating, refused to look at his/her parent(s) or legal guardian, developed chronic ear infections, or other symptoms. We parent(s) or legal guardian(s) would like a answer from the CDC and FDA, but if they admitted immunizations in fact contributed or was found linked to autism would be out of business, along with lawsuits, including this blogger here.

Professionally and personally, as a mother of a now 18-year old son with mild/moderate autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and attention deficit disorder (ADD). When Ean received his scheduled 18-month vaccinations, he wasn’t the same little boy 2-days later. He stopped talking, looking at me, and didn’t smile as much. It seemed the world just had stopped, but knowing something terrible just happened to this almost 2-year old at the time.

We know there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder or autism persuasive disorder (APD), but the federal government should step in and order a full investigation from the CDC from the past 25-years. Yet, they state 1 of 55 individuals are diagnosed with autism. but without any research studies or findings based on actual scientific evidence just theories.

If there are any parents that would like to share their personal stories or account please reply to this article. Thank you.

Vaccines and Autism Do vaccines really cause autism in children? What are Vaccines? Vaccines stimulate the making of antibodies and provide immunity against diseases. It prepares your body to fight the disease faster and more effectively so you won’t get sick. A vaccine is made from small amounts of weak or dead germs such as […]

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Author: Special Education, Behavioral Modification and Technological Assistance in the Educational System

I am currently working on a doctorate degree in leadership & curriculum, and a minor in special education. My interest is on the topic of autism, such as the underlying causes, behavioral instruction and management, ABA therapy, and classroom instruction and effective teaching methods in today's public school system, and other educational facilities or institutions. Since, we live in the 21st century, the use of technological assistance for students with special needs is utterly important in today's technological age, that helps support their academic goals and social skills. Technological assistance will be explored, studied, and applied in today's classroom instruction and effective teaching tools and methods.

5 thoughts on “Vaccines and Autism — Professor Ramos’ Blog”

  1. Professor Ramos:

    Interesting post.

    As the parent of an adult child with diagnoses of autism, epilepsy and mental retardation, I am very interested in all three of these topics. In this regard I host seven (7) groups on the social media platform MeWe. (My research for my vaccination group led me to your blog.)

    We’re a very small group; not the thousands, or even hundreds, that typifies most other groups. But I am passionate about posting and bring, I think, information and perspectives that are not found elsewhere.

    There, on a privacy-minded social media platform, you may find some people who would be happy to dialog with you regarding your post, and a receptive audience overall.

    I invite you to join us.

    P.S. The e-mail I provided below is a receive-only address.


    1. Thank you for replying to this article on “Vaccinations and Autism.” It’s a topic of discussion for so many parents that have experienced the same issue that’s questioning whether or not vaccinations is truly linked to the underlying cause of autism?

      Professionally and personally of a mother of a 18-year old adult son diagnosed with moderate/severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the symptoms we’re notictible a day after his 18-month schedule vaccinations, included decrease of verbal speech, eye contact, high fevers, 25 ear infections (up until the age of 5), 3 set of ear tubes, and repetitive behaviors (hand flapping, clapping hands, twirling in circles non-stop, fixation on balloons and bubbles), and stopped eating certain foods, due to texture.

      I hope to bring about important information to parents of special needs children diagnosed with delay developmental disability disorders) to lobby their local representatives, legislators, and state governor’s to make the CDC and FDA come forth with hidden data, information, and scientific findings linked to the MMR, DTAP, and other vaccinations and autism.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply, and advocate for your child with special needs. We truly need more parents like yourself to share their personal stories.


    2. Yes, it would be an honor to join your group, as it’s important to advocate for change, Cheryl Hurley, Ed. S, and doctorate student.


  2. In my original post I failed, obviously, to post the URLs for any of our groups; my apology. There are three groups on autism, three on epilepsy, and one on vaccination.

    You may wish to start at the vaccine group, titled “Vaccines — News.” Once there, feel free to ask about the others; we’ll be happy to provide the link(s). The link for our vaccination group is

    Again, all comers are welcome to visit any, or all, of our groups.

    Thank you, and regards.


  3. Special Education, Behavioral Modification and Technological Assistance in the Educational System says:

    Thanks for providing additional information on immunizations, such as parents using full precautions when having their child scheduled immunizations administered. What I know now, I would’ve done things differently 16-years ago by spacing my son’s 18-month vaccinations out, not all at once. Yet, I do believe the overload of vaccinations caused my son’s diagnosis of autism (ASD).

    I am forewarning parents to space their child’s vaccinations out, not overloading their bodies of 3-5 or more vaccinations at once.

    From one parent of a autistic son, a loving mother, and currently a doctorate student.

    Cheryl Hurley, Ed.S.


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