Maternal Tdap vaccination during pregnancy is not associated with autism in the child — RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

In this edition of anti vaccine Whac-A-Mole, Orac discusses a large study that fails to find a link between maternal Tdap vaccination and autism in the baby. No big surprise there. So, mothers, get your Tdap to protect your baby.

via Maternal Tdap vaccination during pregnancy is not associated with autism in the child — RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

Let’s Debunk the Myth that Vaccinations Doesn’t cause Autism

Over, the past two decades scientist, medical and other professionals state “vaccinations do not cause autism, but to those professionals where’s the data, collection of evidence and information vaccinations do not cause autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and why does the CDC disclose data collected over the past 25-years? Why the cover up? I know why the CDC and FDA is covering up their tracks knowing there is a link between the DTAP, MMR, and other types of required scheduled immunizations for children, until the age of 18 (Stratton et al., 2012).

Adverse Effects of Vaccinations

According to Institute of Medicine (2012), there are adverse effects of vaccinations in children, especially at 18-months which findings show when given more than 3-4 shots at once increases a likely hood of that child becoming ill, such as ear infections, cognitive deficits, slowness in speech, communication and verbal language. Not saying to any parent do not immunize your child, but space out scheduled immunizations (Wakefield et al., 1998).


The point of immunizations is keeping our children from developing chronic, but deadly diseases from occurring. However, medical professionals should encourage parents to space out immunizations, example 1 at a time, not 3-4 at the same time. We have to realize our bodies are not fully developed at 18-months (neurological, gastrological). It’s better to be safe and sorry.


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Author: Special Education, Behavioral Modification and Technological Assistance in the Educational System

I am currently working on a doctorate degree in leadership & curriculum, and a minor in special education. My interest is on the topic of autism, such as the underlying causes, behavioral instruction and management, ABA therapy, and classroom instruction and effective teaching methods in today's public school system, and other educational facilities or institutions. Since, we live in the 21st century, the use of technological assistance for students with special needs is utterly important in today's technological age, that helps support their academic goals and social skills. Technological assistance will be explored, studied, and applied in today's classroom instruction and effective teaching tools and methods.

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