Apps for Special Education Students (Blog 2, Module 3 LUO 630)




Educational Apps used to help assist students with delay developmental delay disability disorders, such as autism, physical impairments, behaviorally challenged, and cognitive deficits (Hamilton, 2015). Teachers find Symbaloo apps are helpful in assisting those students that struggle academically, socially, and behaviorally.

There are two apps that are useful for supporting students diagnosed with a known disability, such as the first app called ClassDojo which is used for social and behavior skills. Link to ClassDojo: Overall accessibility and features of ClassDojo, including, transforming education for every kid in the world. To do this is simply connecting teachers, parents, and students in every classroom, and work with them every day to bring the best ideas into their classrooms. It’s not about creating an “ideal” classroom, a one-size-fits-all model that everyone must fit, because there’s no such thing. Instead, we believe that teachers, parents and students should have the power to create an incredible classroom that is best for them. And, teachers and other educational professionals believe that when you give good people simple ways to do the right things, amazing things will happen. That’s how we believe we can transform education. ClassDojo can certainly help and support every teacher, parent, and student in the world create an incredible classroom all their own (Sawyer, 2012). ClassDojo is used for grades K-12 and grades 6-12 for moderate/severe students in a high-school setting. The second app called PowToon which is commonly used by teachers abroad all grade levels due to its unique features, design and background templates. PowToon has the potential to be an effective tool for both teachers and kids. Teachers will need to familiarize themselves with the tool before introducing it to students, however, and they’ll need to spend some time walking students through the basics. Then, just let kids get creative. Instead of having them write reports, assign presentations on topics as varied as historical images, science experiments, or literary analysis. Have them work in groups and present to the class, or work on their own and present directly to you.  PowToon is great for Grades K 12, and adults seeking a higher education (Perez, 2012). Professionally speaking, I haven’t had the opportunity to use this software, but other teachers had nothing to say “what a brilliant and creative program for students of the 21st century. Teachers can liven up their lessons with attention-grabbing presentations on an unlimited number of topics.

The two applications can be used in for church organizations and affiliates, educational institutions and facilities, that can help support school and church classroom with individuals with exceptionalities. Now, ClassDojo isn’t designed for adult learners, but helpful for students grades K-12. However, PowToon is a great design tool for all ages.

How churches use mobile apps and presentation tools to members and seekers? Since, we do live in the 21st century, and the age of technology, that continues to advance and change every year. God is the creator of knowledge, wisdom and information which he provides scientists, technology design experts, and computer engineers knowledge on developing state of the art technology, that’s been used increasingly among churches (Purcell, 2017). Example of how apps are used within church organizations and groups, including online services, 24-hour prayer request, apps for tithing, and presentations tools for teaching Sunday school, church services, and holding conference, and seminars. Furthermore, technology tools such as apps and presentation tools help connect members and seekers alike within the church setting.


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Author: Special Education, Behavioral Modification and Technological Assistance in the Educational System

I am currently working on a doctorate degree in leadership & curriculum, and a minor in special education. My interest is on the topic of autism, such as the underlying causes, behavioral instruction and management, ABA therapy, and classroom instruction and effective teaching methods in today's public school system, and other educational facilities or institutions. Since, we live in the 21st century, the use of technological assistance for students with special needs is utterly important in today's technological age, that helps support their academic goals and social skills. Technological assistance will be explored, studied, and applied in today's classroom instruction and effective teaching tools and methods.

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