My personal story began after my son Ean received his 18-month vaccinations, and just two days later things suddenly changed. What changed? He no longer looked right at me, but looked away at everything else, eye contact no longer was there, he ran high fevers, became lethargic, speech halted, he became fixated on balloons and vacuum cleaners from morning to night, he no longer slept through the night, he suffered from chronic ear infections that followed with 3-set of tubes before the age of 5, and he would become easily upset, and behavior issues increased. My question is to all the parents that have children with autism and share the same experience please share your story, as I will be petetining our federal government, the CDC, and contacting the White House on the CDC releasing information linking vaccinations to the onset of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

All About Healthy Choices

1011049_592592744146055_1321059695_ncropped300The title of this post is NOT controversial. Every health care professional knows vaccines injure some percentage of the population. The vaccine courts have awarded nearly 4 billion dollars in injury compensation to parents of vaccine injured children.

Rather than debating whether we should or shouldn’t vaccinate our children (and adults,) why not discuss a topic we can all agree on? I call this topic:


I consider this title, “the common ground” all physicians and all consumers can agree on. The only problem is, I can’t find any credible evidence for ongoing changes to the vaccine program addressing this topic.

We continue to add more vaccines to the schedule of existing ones even though we can’t explain the reasons for escalating childhood diseases including Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autoimmune Diseases and life…

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Author: Special Education, Behavioral Modification and Technological Assistance in the Educational System

I am currently working on a doctorate degree in leadership & curriculum, and a minor in special education. My interest is on the topic of autism, such as the underlying causes, behavioral instruction and management, ABA therapy, and classroom instruction and effective teaching methods in today's public school system, and other educational facilities or institutions. Since, we live in the 21st century, the use of technological assistance for students with special needs is utterly important in today's technological age, that helps support their academic goals and social skills. Technological assistance will be explored, studied, and applied in today's classroom instruction and effective teaching tools and methods.

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